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according to josh. barro coming true there are. coming up on our team america the daily greenfeld our fire that killed seventy nine experts now say victims and residents were exposed to highly toxic gases. prime minister theresa may continue to take heat she continues to take heat for the green fell incident this on the eve of the one year anniversary of brecht's that on the ground in london with that story. and with acquittals this week for the police officers who killed philander because steel and civil smith will discuss why this is becoming a pattern in america. it's thursday june twenty second five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america. we begin today with a major milestone approaching in the u.k. tomorrow marks one year since britain voted to exit the european union bragg's it as it's now known and while that political shift and impending separation are still taking shape talks began this week as scheduled to prepare for bret's that a change that will look back not just europe but the rest of the world just a year ago british voters cast their ballots and determine the future for the u.k. in the end the results are build a very divided kingdom but one that will leave the twenty eight member states known as the european union on june twenty third twenty sixteen in england fifty three point four percent of the population voted for brags that while forty six point six percent voted to remain wells also voted in favor of bracks said fifty two point five percent to forty seven point five percent scotland voted to remain in the union voting sixty two percent to thirty eight percent and northern ireland have
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voted and favor of remaining fifty five point eight percent to forty four point two percent prime minister theresa may was against briggs it however now she supports it saying it's what the british people want to an exiting the e.u. will take two years experts say the most pressing issue will be the post that brags that trade deal as a number of european national and regional parliaments may possibly want to hold referendums to discuss this further i spoke with ed schultz host of the news with ed schultz who is in london england right now i asked him what the political environment was like in the u.k. one year after the brags that a vote. well i'll tell you actually it's more than interesting there's a tremendous amount of curiosity about what's going to happen next amongst the citizens here that i've talked to and also apprehension they're not quite confident that this is going to be smooth and and work itself out but i should point out that about three hours from london in bristol there's going to be
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a big party in celebration tomorrow night by those who have advocated for a brac set and they're pretty sure that the country is headed in the right direction they're not sure about the future of theresa may and that is really one of the big questions at this first year anniversary of bracks it now add and your opinion will prime minister theresa may be able to survive and remain as the prime minister. well she's just not viewed as the future right now and if she can put together a consensus government it will be almost a political miracle boris johnson i don't believe is the answer either he gave an interview on the b.b.c. and was terribly disorganized. wasn't focused lost the confidence of a lot of people so i think he's finding out and brits are finding out that the foreign minister is a long way from being the prime minister so a name that keeps popping up is david davis he is involved in the brics
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negotiations he has a tremendous amount of credibility with a lot of conservatives although he is a moderate conservative he has lost elections in the past but he has a strong security background and knowledge of it because he's ex-military and many people think that david davis is the man that's going to be able to put together a a coalition government to move forward to address all the issues of brecht's it and he's right in the thick of it so that is one name is being tossed around but the confidence surrounding to recently right now is very shaky wobbly is the word that the brits use to describe to rescind a right now and also her health is in question she has diabetes and she's also taking injections some five times a day it's a very tough job there's a lot of pressure in those who don't believe that she should stay on as prime minister and gone so far as to question her health and that's why i'm bringing it
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up because it has circulated in political circles right now let's talk about the theories of terrorist attacks that have happened in the u.k. did think here to play a big political role there. certainly does and there's no question that terrorism is viewed much differently today than what it was how it was viewed a year ago when the bricks of vote took place i believe from the reporting that we've done on the ground here over the last year that the real crux of this vote was immigration and labor and austerity those things made the perfect storm for them to come up with the brics a vote and get it the way they got it a year ago now it plays even further into those dynamics now because of the most recent terror attacks that have taken place here in the united kingdom theresa may has a credibility gap right now with with the public she cut law enforcement some twenty
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thousand personnel she said enough is enough. the measures security measures that have taken place are somewhat visible they put barricades up on the bridges crossing the tames river there is more of a security presence but they need more personnel and that is the general consensus of the folks here but security does play a role they want someone that's going to come out and be very strong or knit and i do believe that that's a political factor all right and you tacks on this earlier but if it's not prime minister theresa may who do you think will replace her. well as i mentioned david davis is a name jeremy corben. you know after the election the snap election his name was tossed a lot in there was a lot of confidence but time and space does does not bode well for him in that regard and i've had several political operatives tell me that they're concerned about his age that you know if he continues to be the leader that he is he's sixty
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eight right now the next election would have put him into his seventy's and there are some folks that just think that that he may have aged himself out of that position he would be the oldest prime minister all the way back to churchill if that were to take place so. corben is in a strong political position i'm not convinced that he is in a position to be the next prime minister and so the tories they're the ones to watch right now will they distance themselves from the stampa election and work hard for theresa may to get some type of consensus government as the queen stated as her goal the other day to address the issues of independence from the european union so their path as is very well defined is just how they're going to get there is the big question ari thank you so much add we look forward to your
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special report tomorrow on bragg said to that with that child's close with the news with that schultes out of london thanks add. our team america will bring you that special report live from london hosted by actual larry king and lindy france don't miss it that some are from four pm to six pm eastern standard time. thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the acquittal of minnesota police officer jarana mo yon as who shot and killed full and steel during a traffic stop last year on july sixth twenty sixteen officer yann as shot because still multiple times aska still attempted to show the officer his carry permit and newly released dash cam footage you can hear to still notifying yana as of his gun thirty seconds after they began speaking here's that exchange. the one.
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that broke. the record i'm going to. work. because those girlfriend i'm in reynolds and her four year old daughter were also in the car you may recall reynolds then a broadcast the aftermath on facebook a live correspondent our perm hill has more on the bizarre and heartbreaking details emerging in the case. this is officer drawn and as who was found not guilty this week after he shot and killed steele during a routine traffic stop last year with his girlfriend and four year old daughter in the car here is the following the killing pictured wearing a police lives matter bracelet with cast deals that bloodied insurance card are still in his pocket we have this image things to newly released evidence from the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension which includes hours of video thousands
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of photographs and over two thousand pages and paperwork according to the washington post yon is said as he cast steel he thought quote i was going to die fifteen hours after the shooting he told investigators quote if he has the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five year old girl and risk her longs and risk her life by giving her a second hand smoke and the front seat passenger doing the same thing then what what care does he give about me and i let off the rounds and then after the rounds were off the little girl was screaming yes and the little girl was screaming not because of marijuana smoke but because a yawn has had just shot her mother's boyfriend seven times as he obeyed the officers orders but in case you don't doubt the officers it stated concern for the child remember that after a yawn as a shot cast steel the officers went on to handcuff her mother diamond reynolds and
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load the two of them as innocent bystanders into the back of a police car now we have video of those traumatizing moments surely to move anyone who's ever known a child. please outfit this is only key to each. state. for his party and as was repeatedly told by his superiors sergeant joseph adams quote geronimo you did a great job bud in a phone call shortly after the murder and perhaps that speaks to a greater culture at the st anthony police department considering this man john mang says it is police chief he's also implicated in these newly released documents
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which include an e-mail he forwarded within the department days after the shooting of a news article accusing cast steel of being an armed robber with a message for what it's worth considering the story was in fact absolutely false fake news turns out it's worth is about zero note because steel was not an armed robber but rather a beloved worker at the j.j. hill montessori school in st paul i know this because i went to j.j. hill immediately following castillo's murder and this is what his community told me . he was a mr rogers with dreadlocks and she was just a kind and gentle guy and. she would break apart fights easily just by being a calming influence she would help out kids with disabilities how do you get provoked by them when when we see what i've said to my little one
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they didn't know what a kind and gentle man he was this police officer saw his brownness and thought him a monster and the thing that i want people to know is that that officer blew a hole in his family in his life he'll never have the children that he should parent what a wonderful man and in five hundred and some children's lives and all of their support people and all of their parents and that's a huge part of this community. in st paul the high school classmates of steel have started an annual community gathering to celebrate his life and raise money for a scholarship fund established in his honor and memory in washington on your parm pill r t police killings are increasing in the united states as an r.
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minorities are freed only shot by police in unprovoked encounters early do police involved in homicides get convicted even if the deadly encounter is caught on video how does the nationwide epidemic of police violence impact the black community well to discuss this i was joined by reverend greenland's god hager senior minister of plymouth congressional united church of christ in washington d.c. believe there's an increase but current of police killing that is going on i think there's a there's there's more scrutiny and therefore there's there's a better reporting in terms of the members of folks who were killed at the hands of police officers i mean it's a historical pattern that is happening united states of america but the police will you. firearms and deadly force against people of color more readily than they will use deadly force against those who are white that's just a pattern that exists because of the history history of racism in this country we just cannot get around it i mean when you think about it no police officers are really going to be prosecuted for killing and that's also what police officers feel right when you have to me arise to me arise. over the issue of you know what is the
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cop who kills them loses a job but doesn't lose his job because he killed to me arise he loses a job because he didn't practice full disclosure on an employment application i'm a source things like that over and over again that continues to resolve but none of these folks end up going to jail we saw the videotape. of the killing for example with cam video that just when it was just like split second obviously the officer was more afraid than listening to what was being so because then he clearly said you know i. have a link i'm not going out before. and he put seven bullets into a moment so it's instant fear and that's another part of it is that is that police officers really operate in communities of color with fear and so and so their reaction for me often is there is a reaction of deadly force that is not predicated of many times upon factual facts upon emotions and that's how people view
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the opioid of the demick has ravaged communities across the nation drastically having states like ohio and virginia on the west coast one sheriff's department is taking a new measures to save lives patrol deputies in los angeles when i'll be equipped with the opioid blocker narcan which can be administered quickly and an emergency argy bargy to santos joins me live from los angeles with the details now where jack can you tell us about the program. ashley the l.a. sheriff's department is really trying to prevent the opioid epidemic from taking hold in los angeles and killing as many people as it has on the west coast i'm sorry on the east coast and in the midwest so under this pilot program all of the sheriffs in the department three thousand of them i'm sorry deputies they will be equipped with no lacson which is also known by its name brand can now this will be
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a nasal spray and it's a fast acting anti opiate that reverses or blocks the effects of opioids in just minutes and these were first a person purchased by the department thirteen hundred units earlier this year but they now have gotten five thousand additional doses which will allow the entire department to use these now deputies will have this available throughout l.a. county which includes the crist center valley east los angeles in santa clarita valley areas as well as the bureaus that serve community colleges and parks now i spoke earlier with tom giandomenico a lieutenant with the department who also serves as a swat paramedic he says they are taking proactive measures here they want to make sure that they can get ahead of this they're preparing for the worst just based on what's going on throughout the country and they do see overdoses every single day and in fact they say that they respond often to entire groups of people who are overdosing so this will really allow them to save as many lives as possible because
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they're often the ones who get to the scene first before additional paramedics can get there so those crucial minutes are very important for saving lives again they say that this is not going to help solve the crisis but it will help save people and hopefully bring more awareness to the fact that this anti opiate exists and hopefully get it in the hands of other departments in los angeles and in california obviously that's some good news thank you so much for staying on top of this story that was ready to santos from our l.a. studio thanks so much. and afghanistan a suicide car bomb explosion in the capital of helmand province left at least twenty nine dead and sixty injured today the attack comes ahead of a muslim holiday as afghan troops and government workers waded out of being to collect their pay according to officials most of the casualties were civilians the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack adding they believe no civilians had been killed a spokesman for the terrorist organization said they had been targeting afghan
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security forces the militants are believed to control almost eighty percent of the province's countryside. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov met in moscow with the leaders of an opposition group called syria's tomorrow move met the meeting took place ahead of the next round of a stand of talks scheduled for the first week of july among the issues discussed was maintaining the cease fire agreement with the government of forces and russia's role in resolving the conflict lavrov pointed out the importance of a joint effort in defeating terrorist groups operating in the country so it is just . the launch of an interest syrian dialogue to ensure the truce and the creation of deescalation areas as it was suggested within the framework of the a stunna process steps to promote a peaceful life that will help switch from the confrontation between the government president forces and the armed opposition to cooperation including cooperation in the fight against terrorism to london now where victims of last week's deadly high
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rise inferno may have been exposed not only to smoke and flames but also highly toxic gas that's according to the latest expert analysis of the tragedy at the green felt how are officials now say the cladding on the outside of the highrise may have given off talks of the hydrogen cyanide gas as believe the toxic gas was released by burning the insulation from that cladding so far seventy nine people are confirmed dead and many others still missing and presumed dead. well the leaks hacks and that's be a notch filling the headlines daily how does the world's most intensely secret organization handle threats to intellectual that we're not talking about the n.s.a. or g c h q we're talking our poll for his thoughts on a released recording of an internal apple security briefing is legal and media analyst lionel of media now lionel what do you have to say about this have you ever thought about what apple is actually apple
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is a secret. it is a secret what apple does a secret it was started on the secret steve jobs with the secret was there is nothing that we know there was not any a manufacturing company nothing compares to this may give an example actually if you ever get the chance to visit a google factory in a factory but office i've been to the one here in new york and it's so nice and they meet in the they have this it's kind of a big food court budget hippy cool people in private in a couple of articles on google i know i mean it seems to be the best off if the work space that you could offer you work at well next to r t excuse me you've got a you've got an espresso. anyhow but aside from that apple is different apple you don't talk to anybody you're paid for your own lunch you
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don't talk about anything if you meet when you are there if you meet at a poker game whatever you never talk about the business your first day at apple you're met with the security officer and he talks to you and explains to you what will happen to you if you lead a need thing go so that that's it now another thing about apple what people forget is this isn't some company that makes phones this is that government strike that it's bigger than the government why do i say that because as surely this is what every government wants to your thoughts your ideas your money your friends your words your psychometric your biometrics everything do you know what kind of a connection apple has to every government on this planet do you know that these governments go to apple for anything so if apple wants to wreak havoc upon some
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ne'er do well some miscreant some thief who dares to let some we're not talking about the scoop on what the new case is going to look like for the i pad not no. it is a it is a sense of doom and exacting vengeance the likes of which nobody has ever see so this article that we speak of it's nice it's quaint it's cute it doesn't even come colos to this because what apple has done is to construct reconfigure everything apple google google is and throw into the mix the next car going this will add talk about later on but this actually is an intel this is bletchley park you have not seen the security you know that when they have product roll outs there are people who can't wait to see what the new products are
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including people who've work on a particular piece of software because they don't know where this software goes they don't know the interface they don't know anything steve jobs was a a productive maniac he was an inch same person who was so so big genius in being able to channel that and that personality is what in fact dare i say and permeates apple today so apple is a government is everything so i know we have about forty seconds left obviously lots of bad and there are but i think corporate asked me and i did some cases as problematic of government as to be a notch have. literally in fact it is so problematic and is so important that it has top secret levels and security clearances and protections that the government has hasn't including the president the president is so so top secret
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when you go at that level because remember this is not a phone and i say this again now i'm not trying to be cute i can't help it this is you this is everything about stuff like this cannot be let out this this is. secret to the world this is everything about you without a search warrant think about it like this i mean eric blair one thousand nine hundred four couldn't believe this if you explain to them all right lionel it's like we ran out of time thank you so much for that line oh that was line of line media thanks again. thank you well that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and check out our web site r.t. dot com slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t don't forget it's a question mark. all the world's. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part does
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our team erica play r.t. america offers more r.t. america. many ways. just like the. big good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. the park in the world all the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. earlier today president obama said over my shoulder the. response was always new people and there was always what was always seemed uncertain. here's something else do you know in the usa or if you feel. as you use the social media well i always sort of the story goes it's garbage real .
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i'm going to judge. your. question jane. c.n.n. just did an article entitled when trump is silent and whether it's there's a lot in the article the writer actually analyzers other times president trump hasn't tweeted so now not only is the end and covering everything tweets but everything he doesn't tweet to this is where we're at the article is pretty lengthy considering all it does is talk about the president's tweets or rather the tweets
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that are missing from his timeline the writer talks about how on monday trumpet only tweeted once as of noon even though the reso much going on there was the u.s. ship that collided with a merchant vessel near japan there were seven service members wounded in afghanistan there was a deadly attack on muslims in london and there was the news that the u.s. shut down a warplane in syria lots of news going on and the president wasn't tweeting about those things which is so important apparently that the writer wrote over nine hundred words dissecting how the president didn't tweet on those issues he goes to great lengths to talk about how important all those news items were and i agree they were all very big news that does deserve attention they were all so much more important than you know trump's twitter account but by this article you think that trump's twitter timeline was the only place we can possibly get official statements from the president and therefore that the new the writer doesn't even seem to
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consider the fact that those are touchy news items that the president maybe should take a little time to think through before issuing a statement especially on the venerated twitter which knows by now that c.n.n. is reading like of bible seriously first they complain that tweets too much and that it's embarrassing and we must look at it and now they're complaining that he doesn't tweet enough and then the writer and the article saying on these matters of life and death war and peace then. some kind of tweet from the president might be welcome and sue so dramatic to talk about embarrassing twitter is the distraction people it's not policy it's not legislation it's not even official it's a silly website with a thoroughly name and c.n.n. is taking it so seriously so either they're too is the only themselves to not realize it's just a distraction all or they do realize that and are just.


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